Phil Culotta's work isn't seen, it's felt.  He designs action sequences that bring to a audience the experience of being part of the story.

He's a long-established Stunt Coordinator and Second Unit Director who was always chosen for his inherent storytelling talent since long before it became the norm to combine stunts and directing as a profession.

From early in his career, filmmaking represented an unlikely but perfect merging of Phil's two passions: photography and pushing himself to the extremes physically.  

It's his natural talent for delivering emotion through a visual medium. Be it side splitting comedy or the thrill of nail biting action that has the most influence on his approach to, and success in stunts. 

As a performer, Phil always craves a greater understanding of how a sequence should leave the viewer feeling, and he stays committed to that above all else.  As a Coordinator, he inspires the same in his performers, and  as a Director, he delivers it visually by creating sequence compositions that reel the audience in for a first-hand experience.

Director's vision, fiscal responsibility, safety, collaboration...and especially, story.  These are things that he knows will from the parameters and guidelines for what he crates,  and he engages all those thing intimately,  so he can commit creatively to capturing the moments,  while respecting limitations and navigating the broader complexities that come with every production.

He holds all the accolades one might expect for a top-ranked, world class professional in his field.  But more impressive than any award or trophy is the sincerity behind everything he does.  Phil's genuineness and maturity, blended with intuitiveness and depth of industry exposure, bring an invaluable confidence to the working experience for everyone.  Producers and Directors know they can count on a collaborative contributor who cares about all the interdepartmental  intricacies that go into every sequence, and who appreciates all the  tiny pieces that influence the bigger picture,  while always finding an authentic visual path to achieving an emotive and compelling viewer experience.

Filmmaker . 2nd Unit Director . Stunt Coordinator

Phil Culotta

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